Are you a Woman between the age of 20 – 40? Do you regularly take part in one or more of the following fitness activities; Yoga, CrossFit, Les Mills Classes, UFC/Combat training, or Running? Has fitness become more than just an activity you check off a list and has become an important part of your balanced life? Has your dedication to fitness helped you overcome an obstacle or helped you to achieve a life goal?

At Reebok we understand that being involved in fitness activities is more than just something you do to sweat or to get ready for the summer. Fitness is a lifestyle, it is a means to get your body, mind, and soul ready to tackle a day of work, be a parent or take on a full course load. Fitness is not simply about getting in shape it is about preparing yourself to take on all the obstacles life can throw at you and fighting and clawing your way through it.

We are currently looking for Canadian Women who through fitness have found more than a physical strength but an emotional and social confidence. We are looking for stories that describe the transformative effects of fitness not just on physique but on life. If you have a story you would like to share we invite you to submit a short video or letter, before October 31st 2015. Please fill out the form below and be sure to include your full name, and the name of your gym/studio/box in your video.

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"Mary loved to dance and wanted to be a professional dancer. She got accepted to Juliart however in the summer before her first semester she tore her ACL. She thought her dream was lost but through fitness found the strength to overcome the injury and eventually found her true passion, teaching dance to kids."

"Sylvie and her husband Mike recently decided to move their family to a new city to pursue a new career opportunity. Although Mike adapted more rapidly to they’re new city Sylvie found the transition more difficult. Her new career wasn’t exactly as she had envisioned and the demands of the job made the work life balance she had hoped for even less possible. In an effort to try and get a balance and spend more time with her kids Sylvie made a change and took on a role that she had never considered….a coach at the local CrossFit box. As a CrossFit athlete she understood the role of a coach and thought it might be a good fit and the hours and lifestyle really fit well with her new life. Little did she know that with each class and with each new PR she was actually taping into the part of her that lay dormant, her desire to help and inspire. "